Karen Gillan in Dolce&Gabbana

Posted on August 15, 2012

Can we just say we are giddy with delight that we now live in a world where Doctor Who screenings are red carpet events? Oh, the hardcore nerds will wail and gnash their teeth over the normalization of nerd culture and how all the dirty girls are ruining their boys club, but to that we say, “Embrace it, nerds.” The world finally caught up with your obsessions! And nerd girls are hot!

Having said all that…. JESUS CHRIST, KAREN GILLAN:

Karen Gillan attends the preview screening of the first episode of the new series of ‘Dr Who’  in London in a peach jacquard top and floral skirt by Dolce&Gabbana.


What are we looking at here? It’s making our heads hurt.

We don’t care how much you want to look quirky and nerdy-cute, girl; THOSE ITEMS DO NOT GO TOGETHER. And any female over the age of ten should know that. This is something an angry little girl comes out of her bedroom wearing on school picture day because she’s mad at her mother for not letting her wear her Princess Jasmine costume. In other words (and in case we weren’t clear), this is AWFUL, Amy Pond.

Also, blot your face before pictures, dear.


[Photo Credit: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images]

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