Jordin Sparks in Nicole Miller Artelier

Posted on August 15, 2012

Darlings, it was a mistake to start off our day together with Kristen Bell and that “SyFy Original Movie” jumpsuit of hers. We don’t know WHAT we were thinking.

Let’s look at Jordin and her very girly-girl dress, which is bright and floral-esque and exactly what we all need to banish the memories of Kristen and her poor choices in life.

Jordin Sparks leaves the ‘Today Show’ in New York City where she promoted her new film with the late Whitney Houston, ‘Sparkle’ in a Nicole Miller Artelier purple floral print dress with metallic pumps.

It’s not our favorite dress in the world, but it’s light and pretty; perfect for television. Especially if you want to do light, pretty, AND hot all at the same time.  Hate the hair, though. And the blandly neutral platform pumps, of course. The whole outfit does the job for her, even if it’s not all that exciting or interesting. We’re not necessarily giving it a thumbs up, but we see little reason to give it a thumbs down, y’know? Maybe we need a 2nd (4th, actually) cup.

So why feature it here on this, the most highly valued patch of real estate on the internet? Because:

You just know the second she got inside that limo and the door closed behind her, she unzipped that thing so fast it caused sparks. How she managed to speak while holding her stomach in that tightly is a mystery, but we salute your muscle control and lung capacity, Jordin. They’ll take you far.


[Photo Credit: Enrique Rc/]

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