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Posted on August 20, 2012

Celebrities sure do like patting themselves on the back, don’t they? It’s not enough to have a party to celebrate your world tour (which in itself will wind up being a string of parties), but you also have to have a PRE-tour party to celebrate the tour you’re about to go on. It’s like a baby shower for a world tour, apparently.

And among celebritykind, there is no one more willing to hit her pose on a step-and-repeat at a party in her honor than Jenny from the block.

Jennifer Lopez celebrates her world tour with a special appearance at Wet Republic Pool at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in a top and shorts by Bec & Bridge paired with a Hermes Birkin bag and Lanvin wedges.

We should probably mention this was a pool party. With a step-and-repeat. Just like regular folks!

Anyway, this is perfectly appropriate for a pool party, we suppose. Except the shoes, of course. How you can pair those heavy-ass wedges with such a light and summer-y outfit is beyond us. Then again, this outfit on anyone over 15 kind of befuddles us. It’s way too youthful, in our eyes. J Lo looks just fine and has the body and the persona to work looks meant for much younger women, but this one’s going over a line, we think. If you take away the shoes and can consider the rest of the outfit appropriate for a toddler, then the outfit is too young for you, dear.

Also, tanner goes on the front of the legs AND the back of the legs, honey.

She did much better for her tour party. Her OTHER tour party.


Jennifer Lopez celebrates her world tour by appearing at the Pure Night club at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in an Edition by Georges Chakra dress paired with Christian Louboutin pumps.

Her face is getting seriously draggy looking.

Anyway, this is a super-cute dress and we love the look. The dress suits her; it’s brightly colored and bold. We even like the hair, which is fun and party-ready. Kind of a shame about the shoes because they really do nothing for the outfit. And the same could be said for the clutch, which is interesting, but doesn’t quite provide the accessories oomph we expect from J Lo.

Try harder next time, Jenny. We’re sure you’re going to have many, many more opportunities before this tour is over. Why, there’s the “celebrate the first week of J Lo’s tour” party, and then of course, there’s the ever-important “celebrate the half-way point of J Lo’s tour” party, and who can forget the excitement that builds before “celebrate the ticket sales of J Lo’s tour so far” party? Darling, we’re getting exhausted just typing it.


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