Jaime King Goes Shopping

Posted on August 15, 2012

If there’s one fashion maxim that probably gets quoted way too often, it’s Coco Chanel’s suggestion that you take one thing off before leaving the house. Personally, we’ve always been partial to her purported quote, “Elegance is refusal,” which amounts to roughly the same advice.

Why are we bringing this up? Oh… no reason…


Jaime King attends C. Wonder Fashion Island Grand Opening in Newport Beach, California.

Okay, okay, It’s a “shopping event,” whatever the hell that is. Something where celebrities pose while touching merchandise, evidently. It’s August. What do you want from us?

Anyway, we’re not quite sure what rules of celebrity dressing apply here, but there’s:

  1. A celebrity
  2. A photographer

So we’re just gonna proceed as normal.

It’s a really cute outfit (MUCH better than the puffy crotch of the other day), but come ON. That thing on her neck is so very wrong. We just don’t get it. Everything else says, “I’m sassy summer-cute!” but the necklace, which says, “MEET ME ON THE DANCE FLOOR, BITCHES.”

Love the sandals, though.


[Photo Credit: WireImage]

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