IN or OUT: Lucy Hale in Topshop and Free People

Posted on August 31, 2012

Lucy shoots for some bold pairing, but we think she may have missed the mark.

Lucy Hale attends the opening of New York retailer Henri Bendel at the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.

Topshop Paisley Lace Insert Peplum Top

Free People Vegan Leather Circle Skirt

Ohhhhhhhh HONEY. Find a classier way to show the world your borrowed jewelry, you tacky little thing. And stop wearing so much of it at once.

The skirt is really cute and looks great on her. We even kind of don’t mind the platform peeptoes. But that top is … something, all right. We’re a little impressed that she picked it at all, because it so has the potential to go wrong. Black lace and paisley with a peplum? Gotta give it up for the risk-taking. And this top might actually work under other circumstances, but you can’t just shove a peplum into a swing skirt and expect it to work. Credit for picking something off the beaten track, but style is as much about knowing your limits as it is about making a statement. A cute idea that should have been scrapped the second she tried it on.


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IN! I’m all about the risk-taking. And the hidden peplum.


OUT! Learn to say “No,” dear.


The minions were impressed with Kate Hudson’s ability to bare her butt while still looking pretty fabulous and voted her IN.
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