Christina Hendricks in West Hollywood

Posted on August 21, 2012

Miss Christina is learning that extremely important and useful celebrity skill: working the shit out of a camera while either pretending you don’t see it or pretending that you’re terribly put out by its presence.


Christina Hendricks takes a shopping trip in West Hollywood carrying a Farbod Barsum bag.

Farbod Barsum ‘The Isabella’ Tote, $23,980

Serving up Joan Holloway realness without looking remotely like Joan Holloway. Attagirl. You did it. Because we lived through the 1990s, we hate chambray shirts with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. And to be perfectly honest, we don’t even like it here. But everything else is working so well that we can’t even bother working up the high dudgeon to criticize.

Here are the things that are working for us:

  1. The Hair. It looks to us like she’s had a color touch-up because that’s some seriously rich red hair there. It also looks to us like someone figured out how to make her hair look fuller, which has been a problem for her in the past. This is absolutely the best hair she’s ever sported outside of Mad Men.
  2. The Makeup: Part those fire engine red lips, girl.
  3. The JEANS. Oh, Christina! We know how hard it is for the ladies to find a pair of jeans that does the job for them and girl, YOU DID IT. You must immediately go out and buy at least ten more pairs. It’s insane how perfect those jeans are for her. They almost look custom-made.
  4. The Shoes: She’s demonstrated such poor footwear choices in the past that we sometimes wondered (and we’re being serious as a heart attack here) if she didn’t have some sort of medical issue with her feet. She tended towards rather cheap-looking, low-heeled shoes that gave off the whiff of orthopedics. We sincerely hope she doesn’t have foot problems because there’s no way these stilettos are a good idea if she does. But this is the shape, Christina. This is the exact shape of shoe that flatters you the best. You should be able to find low-heeled or even flat versions if you need to.
  5. The Attitude: “Why yes, Mr. Paparazzi, I DO look hot as shit today, don’t I?”


And yes, girl. We see the label on your fabulous bag. Nicely done. Bet they’ll let you keep it now.


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