Ariel Winter in Kate Spade

Posted on August 13, 2012

Lately, it seems like we’ve been cast – much against our will, mind you – as the Grumpy Gay Uncles, harrumphing at every under-18 starlet for dressing too old. In our defense, we’re harrumphing because these little girls look frumpy, not slutty. To be perfectly honest, some old-fashioned teen-girl trampiness would probably please us more (in an “Attagirl,” kinda way; which is when gay uncles can be AWESOME, by the way) than another babygal walking out in her mother’s dress.

But we’re a little torn on this one.

Ariel Winter attends The Songbirds’ ‘Miss Me’ Album Release Party hosted by ELLE Magazine in West Hollywood, California in a Kate Spade New York dress paired with Brian Atwood pumps.

Kate Spade New York ‘Kimberly’ Dress

Love the dress. The silhouette’s certainly youthful. And the bedazzled Peter Pan collar has a certain retro-youthful charm to it while bumping up the glam factor. But we wish she’d chosen a more fun, less serious-looking shoe. Sorry to haul out the cliche, but the much-referred-to “pop of color” was called for here. Bright pink pumps. Or silver sandals. Anything fun and light and less mature-looking. She is, after all, only 14.

And to continue our harrumphing, that’s too much eye makeup for her. Not in a “you’re too young, miss girl” sense, but in a “it really doesn’t suit your face” one.

Don’t get us wrong; she looks great. But for a 14-year-old at a record release party, she looks a bit serious and grown-up.

Note: We never really say things like “glam factor” in real life.

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