Amy Adams on David Letterman

Posted on August 29, 2012

Not gonna lie, we recoiled at the sight of this and before we could stop it, a “Girl, that’s not your dress” escaped our lips.

But we’re going to reconsider. Walk with us.

Amy Adams heads to the ‘Late Show With David Letterman’ studios in New York City to promote her latest movie ‘The Master.’

Because this really isn’t awful. It’s perhaps a bit too twisted and wrinkled for our tastes, and we don’t think it’s as figure-flattering as it should be, but upon reflection (because that’s we do around here; reflect) we think our initial reaction came down not so much to the dress being wrong as it did to the dress being not what we’d expect Amy Adams to wear. And upon further reflection (we’re on a reflecting streak), we think that’s not quite fair to Amy Adams or to this dress.

So in the interest of fairness, here’s what we like about this look: the color and shape are great on her. Like we said, we don’t think it’s the most figure-flattering dress in the world (because it turns curves into straight lines), but Amy’s got the figure to handle it. We also really like the hair, which also took us a second or two to get used to. It’s just so goddamn refreshing to see a ladystar with long hair brushed off her face and shoulders, instead of hanging down in front like basset hound ears. And finally, we love the booties, but we’re not loving the idea of them in August. Basically, she’s about 6 weeks early on this look. It’s totally a “first week in October” getup.


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