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Posted on July 26, 2012


Playground at the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool

Darlings, it’s time to jet off to Liverpool, where the lighting looks hellaciously unflattering but we all won’t care by our third drink.

Yes, it’s time once again to check in on the latest band of dirty little ragamuffins making that grab for the brass ring. What manner of dysfunction will they display for us tonight?


Best news of all? It’s the muthafuckin unconventional materials challenge, bitches. If Frokemon doesn’t make Top Three, we will be VERY DISAPPOINTED. Excite us, you little sprite!


We hereby declare a moratorium on the use of the phrase “The most OUTRAGEOUS challenge ever!” or any of its endless variants.

So, kittens. Which one of these little wack jobs do you peg for Top 3? Bottom 3? We’re thinking Ven might have a problem with this one.

[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for myLifetime.com, restaurantandbardesignawards.com – Video  Credit: myLifetime.com]

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