Summer Glau, Nerd Goddess

Posted on July 31, 2012

There’s not a lot for us to say about this look except she looks really pretty.

Summer Glau attends the 2012 Dizzy Feet Foundation Celebration of Dance Gala in Los Angeles.

Trésor Mosaico Collection Earrings

Love the earrings.

Usually, we tend to skip over looks if we don’t have a lot to say about them. But since the former River Tam has never been featured here (as far as we can remember, except for one pic in a Comic-Con post), we figured we’d throw the nerds a bone (pun intended), since she’s become something of a Nerd Goddess in the years since she freaked out the crew of Serenity.

And since the nerd doors have been opened…

Anyone watching Alphas on SyFy? Great little show. She had a notable guest appearance last season, with the implication that she would be a recurring character.  We don’t think there’s quite enough there to recap it regularly, but it’s a surprisingly polished and well-written series, considering it’s on SyFy. Of course, anything with David Strathairn in it is instantly elevated, but check out Ryan Cartwright as an autistic mutant. You might remember him as the officious and repulsive Mr. Hooker on season 3 of Mad Men (Lane Pryce’s male assistant, who famously clashed with Joan several times and declared Sterling Cooper a “gynocracy”), but he’s doing Emmy nom-level work here. A truly brilliant and oddly charming performance.

Sadly, Warehouse 13 is kind of sucking since the new season started. There’s nothing worse than a show (literally) blowing up the status quo in a season finale, only to push the reset button in the next season premiere. But hey, Data’s on the show now! And no matter how much Brent Spiner works to make us all forget his android persona, the second he opens his mouth, Data comes out. Evil Claudia has some legs as a concept, but we hope we don’t spend the whole season watching her do the lite version of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and waiting for her to kill Artie.


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