Sharon Stone Points the Way in Paris

Posted on July 02, 2012

One time, many years ago, right around the time Basic Instinct was just beginning to get pre-opening buzz, Tom found himself walking down a Beverly Hills street when who should he come upon but Sharon Stone, dressed head-to-toe in white (pencil skirt, blouse, sandals, and white-framed sunglasses perched on top of her head), just like the character in the movie, chatting with someone on the sidewalk. Tom didn’t quite know who she was but couldn’t take his eyes off her. And when she glanced over at him and smoothly moved her  sunglasses down to the bridge of her nose without ever missing a beat in the conversation, he knew he was looking at a star.

Tom learned two valuable lessons that day; one, that some people just have that innate star quality; and two, that you shouldn’t stare at them because they’ll make you feel like a tool (and rightly so).

And while Sharon still has that star quality…

Sharon Stone leaves the Ritz hotel and heads to the Dior Boutique in Paris.

… we can’t help wishing someone had stared at her long enough to get her to put a bra on that day.


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