Project Runway: Highs and Lows

Posted on July 20, 2012

Quick n’ Bitchy-style, kittens! Hit it!


Ven Budhu

Ven is clearly the one to watch. He’s the Rami of this season, bringing lady-like elegance and impressive technical skills. As was the case with Rami’s work occasionally, we detect in this look a need to edit himself. This is breathtaking in a lot of ways but we tend to think that’s more because the skill behind it is so obvious, rather than because it’s all working beautifully. As much as we love the top and the pants, it can’t be denied they both add a LOT of volume to any woman’s body – and in exactly the places most women don’t want it. Proportionally speaking, that bodice would work better with a a floor-length skirt.

But the followup piece is lovely. Perhaps not innovative, but very stylish, flattering and well-made. We would have been fine with him winning this one. He certainly expected it.


Melissa Fleis

At first glance, we thought the judges’ praise for Ashley-Kate’s looks were more than a little overstated, but y’know? The gal’s got that all-important “point of view”in spades. These pieces are unique and elegant.

And while we don’t love all the asymmetry in the followup piece, it’s got a lot of interesting details to it. She’s likely one to watch too.


Lantie Foster

DISASTER. She looks like she’s going to a cocktail party, post-apocalypse. And this was the look she actually had time to spend working on.


The irony is that, while the followup look is bad, it’s no worse than the first one. We didn’t like the knitwear pieces that sent What’s Her Face home, but one would think these two looks together were equally as strong an indication that Lantie had little to offer the competition. In other words, we would have been fine with this one getting the boot.


Kooan Kosuke

Stand back. We’re going to defend this one.

Whatever else you might say about this look, it’s all impeccably executed. Frokemon knows what he’s doing. In addition, whether Nina wants to accept it or not, this is not completely un-representative of Japanese street-style, from a certain segment’s point of view. He’s working what he knows and what he responds to. It’s 100 hundred percent point of view. It’s not weird for the sake of weird, to our eyes. It’s nuts, and he’s not likely to make it past the halfway point of the competition, but we fully support keeping him in on this look alone.

This one, on the other hand, looks like a hospital gown on Star Trek.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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