PR: The Vast, Unnamed Middle

Posted on July 22, 2012

Surprise, darlings! We’re spitting out content on a Sunday because we just can’t stay away from ripping those PR bitches. Of course, in all likelihood, you spent your Sunday out in the sun, like regular people, and are reading this days later while you’re trying to look busy in work or while your shrieking offspring have given you a moment’s respite and you’re taking it with a cup of spiked coffee and some gay bitchery to go.

We know you, darlings. We see you right through the screen. Boo.

Hit it, hos.


Andrea Katz

As a reminder, Andrea is Professor Cat Lady, the “mature” one. We kept predicting that she was going to be trouble (and truth be told, we still firmly believe that), but she was fun and easy to get along with this episode. As for her work, we like it, but it remains to be seen if she can keep producing relatively straightforward looks like the above or whether she’s going to give into her more artistic, less marketable impulses.

We like the idea of the layered skirts, but the one on top is a little full and the one on the bottom is a little limp and clingy.

This is remarkably well executed considering she had a day to do it. We made the mistake on Friday of complimenting Ven for the execution on his companion piece without adding the all-important “considering he only had a day,” and the kittens bared their teeth and claws at us. Pro Tip: When we say something is well-executed on PR, we almost always mean, “considering how much time they had.”

Anyway, this is cute. A perfect companion piece. She obviously likes to play around with shape. She’s kept that impulse fairly controlled here, but like we said, it remains to be seen if she’s going to continue to play by the rules.


Buffi Jashanmal

Perhaps we’re feeling kind and magnanimous (as we usually do at the start of a PR season; check back in 6 weeks), but we think Buffi the Taste Slayer is the real deal. Sure, she’s playing to the cameras for all its worth and that’s definitely irritating, but otherwise, we think she is as she presents herself: a loud, multi-culti, world-traveling goofball with a strong personal style.

This is just okay. For all her talk about how wild she is, it seems to extend only to color and fabric choices. Because everything else is pretty standard here.

And this is so standard, it’s downright boring.


Dmitry Sholokhov

The only thing we remembered about Dmitry is that he sounded like a Bond villain who’s obsessed with dress-making; all Russian smack talk and eye-rolling. And while this is technically just fine, it’s quite tacky to our eyes.

Maybe he realized that or maybe he just didn’t give a shit. Whatever the reason, Dmitry decided he didn’t need to follow the dictates of the challenge and simply made another piece; one that had nothing to do with the original piece. He’s smart (or lucky) to have figured out that this is the part in the competition where you can break the rules and get away with it. The judges don’t have time to call him on it now. Try this again when there are less than ten designers left and you can expect Heidi to get all German dominatrix on your ass.

Anway, this is fine (still a little tacky), but we think the proportions are off. Too much bulk in the sleeve and neckline.


Nathan Paul

Nathan was the earnest dude in the nerd glasses, in case you need reminding. This shows promise, but there’s too many elements in one dress. He clearly has editing issues.

Then again, maybe he doesn’t. Because this works as an edited version of the original. We question his color sense, pairing those shoes with it, though.


Fabio Costa

Dumpster Hipster’s got a lot of ideas, but so far, he’s managed not to come across pretentious or annoying, even when he talks about his freegan lifestyle.

This is kind of a big nothing, though.

This, on the other hand, is surprisingly interesting. We’re close to loving it, although we don’t really like the fabric choice for the skirt. Still, like we said, he’s got some interesting ideas and you can see evidence of that in his second look. We wonder if he’s one of those designers who blossom under the constraints of the competition and the guidance of the judges and Tim.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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