PR: Candy Girl, You Are My World

Posted on July 27, 2012

Tops and bottoms, kittens! Hit it, hos!


Sonjia Williams
Materials: Gummy sharks, jelly beans, gumballs

For our money, Tootie’s was the one that truly fulfilled the spirit of the challenge. The judges kept going on about “the joy of candy” and we think this look nails that feeling. It’s whimsical and demonstrates impressive design skill.


It was not without its problems, however; namely, that it’s overdesigned to a fault. She seriously needed to edit here. Too many design elements for one look and WAY too many in the skirt alone.  But that fascinator may have been the deciding factor in tipping the decision over to Ven.

Still, it’s striking and creative as hell. We didn’t have a feeling about her either way last week, but it’s looking like Ven’s assessment of her was correct: she’s competition.


Gunnar Deatherage
Materials: Licorice, candy foil

Oh, whatever, Quentin.

Fine. We were surprised at how well done this was. It’s extraordinarily stiff and heavy-looking, but almost all the designers had that problem last night. The design was smart and had real style to it. But it seems to us that no matter how much you like the design, if the dress is literally FALLING APART ON THE RUNWAY, it probably shouldn’t be in the Top 3. Look at Ven’s and Sonjia’s. Not a piece of candy out of place. There was one other look that really should have been here in its place, but we’ll get to that later (and besides, you all know who we’re talking about).


Elena Slivnyak
Material: Piña colada licorice

Elena’s dress had its problems, but we don’t really think it belonged in the bottom. The main objection from the judges seems to have been the lack of bright colors. Funny how that didn’t prevent Gunnar’s from winding in the Top 3.

Although the fact that her dress fell almost completely apart is reason enough to put her there, we suppose. But it looked like she was voted into the Top 3 before that happened, so we’ll have to stick with the judges’ arbitrary problems with color and their issues with the silhouette, which also struck as arbitrary. Their critique of the latter didn’t seem to amount to anything more than “I don’t like it.” Kors said he understood her love of an “aggressive silhouette,” but he still seemed to hold it against her.

We’re not arguing that this was great or anything; just that we’re not comfortable with its place in the Bottom 3 just because the judges don’t like the style. Yes, it was stiff and boxy. So were 80% of the runway offerings.


Buffi Jashanmal
Materials: Sour strips, tissue paper, cotton candy

Buffi’s damn lucky Lanti pretty much decided to throw in the towel because under virtually any other circumstances, this would have been a clear Auf.

First, there are the dreaded “taste issues.” If she keeps sending this kind of “Betsey Johnson on acid” aesthetic down the runway, the judges are going to get bored and question her taste. Actually, they already have, which means you in danger, girl.

Second is that bodice, which sounded like a great idea but should have been obvious to her wasn’t going to work because of the weight of the candy. She needed to edit and course-correct and she didn’t do either.

And finally – this goes hand-in-hand with the taste issue – her styling skills are appalling. That necklace is so wrong with this dress it makes our eyes water. And that thing on her head looks like something a 5-year-old threw up after getting off the Cups n’ Saucer’s ride.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for – Stills:]

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