PR: Candy Everybody Wants

Posted on July 30, 2012

Actually, it was candy nobody wanted, going by the judges’ scores, who placed all of these in the uncommented-upon middle.

Thankfully, we are here to comment on them.

Alicia Hardesty
Materials: Jelly beans, sour strips, gumballs

Hey, you guys! The Jolly Green Giant has a little sister! And SHE dresses like ass too!

Why do we get the impression that Alicia’s going to do nothing but send these weirdly shaped pieces down the runway no matter what the challenge? They’ll ask for a red carpet look and she’ll make overalls. They’ll ask for a look to wear on the cover of Marie Claire and she’ll make … overalls with one-strap. Etc., etc., ad nauseam.


Andrea Katz
Materials: Candy dots, umbrellas, tart candy

This had some merit to it, in terms of the design. Very much in the Vivienne Westwood mode. But that ruffled, bustled backside really doesn’t go with the modern and stiff-looking front. Then there’s the issue of using way too much fabric for an unconventional materials challenge. As we recall, those button-candy panels are all made from pillows. She doesn’t seem to understand what the judges are looking for in an unconventional materials challenge: masterful use of non-fabrics to make a dress that looks conventional and wearable. She too fabrics and made an avant-garde dress. This was a good enough final result that the judges didn’t feel the need to call her on it, but she’s just lucky there were people who did worse than she did.

The one thing we’ll credit her for is taking Tim’s critique very seriously, even if she didn’t change her plans over it.


Dmitry Sholokhov
Materials: Sour balls, black t-shirt

This was a spectacular entry and it’s really kind of a shame. Because we understood the second it came out that it was never going to win this challenge for one reason: too much fabric showing. They really don’t want to see conventional materials in an unconventional materials challenge.

Granted, we assumed this would be Top 3 and it should have been. There’s no way Gunnar’s dress was a better design than this. But Gunnar’s playing the sociopath this season which means, like all the past sociopaths on P.R., his work will get overpraised in order to keep him in the game.

Fabio Costa
Materials: Sour strips, crushed rock candy

Y’kn0w… Dumpster Hipster’s really got something going on. There’s something quietly thoughtful about this look. It’s not as showy as Ven’s or Sonjia’s but there are some lovely details here; on the back especially. And while we like that skirt, we question what materials he used to make it. That sure as hell ain’t no candy skirt. Still, this is a perfect middle entry: good enough to keep him in the game with enough nice touches that the judges may have started noticing him by now.


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