Piper Perabo in NYC

Posted on July 10, 2012

Well shit. We’ve done Sirius Radio like 5 or 6 times now and no one ever waited outside the building to get a shot of us leaving.

Oh, right. We forgot. We would actually die if that ever happened. We would turn into little puddles of embarrassment right there on the sidewalk, leaving only our extraordinarily stylish outfits behind. People would leave Yankee Candles and teddy bears on the spot for years to come, we’re sure, but we’d rather stick to obscurity, thank you very much.

Anyway: Piper.

Piper Perabo leaves Sirius Radio in NYC.

First off: We love saying “Piper Perabo” out loud. It’s one of those cool names that make you wish you were friends with the person, just so you can say things like, “I was having lunch with my friend, Piper Perabo…” or “I remember that time I had to hold Piper Perabo’s hair while she was puking…” It’s also one of those names that require you say it in full. None of this “My friend, Piper” stuff. It’s always “My friend, Piper Perabo.”

Of course now that we’ve planted the image of her vomiting in your heads, the chances that we will ever be friends with Piper Perabo are pretty slim.

Anyway, this is a cute look – very “9 to 5” –  and we give her credit for getting this dressed up for a radio appearance during a New York heat wave. Then again, someone made sure cameras were parked at the exit, so we suppose it’s all been thought out. We’re digging the red and gold pairing, but we think sandals would have been much better than these heavy pumps.

One of our nieces chose a red gown for her prom this past spring and asked our advice on shoes. It took some convincing, but we steered her toward gold metallic sandals. Actually, it didn’t take that much convincing. All we had to do was tell her it was a trendy look at the moment and she was off and running.

[Photo Credit: Enrique RC/PacificCoastNews.com]

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