Pairs Division: Blunt and Gordon-Levitt

Posted on July 16, 2012

Happy Monday, darlings. We eschewed an exclamation point in the previous sentence because we assume you are like us and need a while to ease back into the grind of the week. We’ll type softly and slowly for you.

The stars spent the weekend poledancing for the nerds at Comic-Con, so while they all scurry back to their hidey-holes for a vigorous Febreze-and-Lysol session, we are ready to dissect their outfits. And as always, by “dissect,” we mean “look for funny things to say about them.”


Emily Blunt and Joseph Gordon-Levitt attend Comic-Con 2012 Convention in San Diego. Emily Blunt is wearing a Christian Dior dress paired with Sergio Rossi sandals.

Sergio Rossi ‘Vlady’ Sandal

As you may have noticed with our previous Comic-Con coverage, we tend to relax the T Lo rules considerably in deference to the venue. In fact – and as you will see with some Comic-Con posts later today – we tend to take points off for over-dressing for this crowd. It’s strictly a  jeans/shorts-and-t-shirts kinda crowd, except for those brave enough to dress as Wonder Woman, a Dalek, or possibly someone from House Lannister. In that relaxed, and yet vividly colored setting, any star trying too hard will only wind up looking silly.

And it has to be said: there has been a building tension between the nerds who cultivated this convention over the decades and the stars who started showing up in the last ten years, forever changing the face of it. Nine times out of ten, it’s just bad form to show up looking like you’re at your movie premiere or like you’re selling the shit out of your product (even though you are).


SHE: Looks fine. It’s perfectly reasonable that some stars might not feel comfortable looking too dressed-down, knowing they’ll be photographed quite a bit. Emily doesn’t strike us as the kind of gal who’d swan around the San Diego convention center in a Supergirl t-shirt and jeans (although she’d look adorable if she tried it). This is a perfectly acceptable way to go. She looks crisp and clean, but doesn’t look too attention-seeking. It borders on dull, but the shoes help to provide some interest and we can’t deny she looks pretty and fresh. Score: 7.5/10. We approve, but we really can’t go any higher than that for such a simple look.

HE: Looks pretty adorable – and totally Con-appropriate. So much so that he could pass for a particularly well-dressed and stylish attendee. We’re a little surprised at the hip-hop jeans, which don’t do much for him in pictures. We think it’s fair to say he’s built for skinny jeans, even with all the bulk he’s been putting on lately. If that’s a Bat-signal clipped to his tie (it’s hard to tell, but it sure looks like it is), then we can only say “Bravo.” A perfect example of Nerd Chic. Score: 8.5/10. Admittedly, most of that score is based on the assumption he’s sporting a Bat-tie clip.

Combined Score: 8/10. Damn good work, poledancers.


[Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage,]

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