Orlando Bloom Dresses Down

Posted on July 18, 2012

It’s high summer, which means the stars are not inclined to make the effort to show up on a red carpet unless it’s for their own movie, which makes bitchy bloggers like us trawl the *ahem* secondary events for people to talk about. And since we checked in on Frodo yesterday, it seems fitting that we feature his little elf friend today.

Orlando Bloom attends the Bremont Boutique launch in London, England.

We’re just gonna keep dropping tidbits about our book into our posts because we’re total cock-teases and also because after 6 years of making fun of people promoting themselves, we figured it’s about time to wade into those waters ourselves. Or, as our new bestie Laura Brown of Harper’s Bazaar said to us last week, it’s time to become “the conductor of the whorechestra” for a while.

Hi Laura! We told you we’d steal that line!

Anyway, in the “Red Carpet” chapter, we talk a lot about how the red carpet went from being a rarefied experience to something so common it’s become mundane. What used to be reserved for movie premieres and awards ceremonies is now a part of store openings, comic book conventions, and industry luncheons. While the red carpet rose in popularity, it expanded its scope, which resulted in a dual effect: stars getting much more dressed up than they used to and stars finding it perfectly acceptable to show up for photographs looking like they just left the gym.

We think it’s safe to say this outfit wasn’t put together by a stylist (but that’s by no means a sure thing). Except for the fact that nothing seems to fit him correctly and everything’s a wrinkled, rumpled mess, we don’t really mind the look. It’s standard hipster. But then we noticed that just about everyone in the background is dressed better than he is, and kittens? That simply won’t do. Stars are invited to events like this precisely because they’re going to be photographed. We don’t expect a suit and tie, but a cardigan that fits isn’t too much to ask for, is it?

But hey, love the sneakers. They would have been perfect for a Comic-Con appearance.


[Photo Credit: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images]

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