Nicole Miller Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

Posted on July 27, 2012

All right girls; simmer down, simmer down.

That’s our Mrs. Garrett impersonation. If we had to pick the holy female trinity who inspired T Lo the most, it might just be Mrs. Garrett, Joan Rivers, and Tanya, Marlene Dietrich’s bitchy Mexican fortune-teller (you read that right) in Touch of Evil (“You’we a mess, honey.”). But that’s just today. Next week it’ll be something like The Baroness Von Schraeder from The Sound of Music, Catwoman, and Annie Lennox. We are large; we contain multitudes of divas.

Anyway, it’s late Friday in semi-late summer and we know you all want to get the hell away from your drudgery and get this damn weekend started quickly, right? But before you go off into the land of sunshine for the next 48 hours, take a moment to center yourselves and remind yourself of what’s truly important in life: beautiful people, beautifully photographed, wearing beautiful clothes.

Even better, it’s Nicole Miller’s take on hippie-chick chic. What better way to get your daily Zen Moment of Pretty? So darlings, if you’re going to San Francisco, steer clear of the brown tabs and have a fabulous weekend.


Nicole Miller Fall 2012 ad campaign featuring model Alana Zimmer photographed Nagi Sakai in East Hampton.


[Photo Credit: Alana Zimmer for]

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