Miley Cyrus in NYC

Posted on July 25, 2012

Y’know, for the longest time, Miley was dressing like someone 30 years her senior and it was causing T & Lo an awful lot of agita. We railed against her and made jokes at her expense and it had no effect. Why, if we didn’t know better we’d swear she was ignoring us. Or had never heard of us. But that’s crazy talk. No, it was clear all along that she was just fucking with us.

Because look:

Miley Cyrus out shopping in New York in a Minkpink top, Ecote shorts and Chanel Boots.

Ecote Soft Woven Pull-On Short

You guys, Miley can TOTALLY dress like a streetwalker when she wants to and that’s TOTALLY youthful.

God bless ya, girl. This looks like a meth binge in clothing form, but at least you’re no longer dressing like Helen Mirren.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews,]

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