Kristin Davis in Tory Burch on ‘Good Morning America’

Posted on July 18, 2012

Miss Kristin either woke up and got herself a stylist or she woke up and got herself a clue. Because we’ve been saying for years that she needed to stop dressing like Charlotte York-Goldenblatt and update her style, and it looks to us like she did just that.


Kristin Davis makes an appearance on ‘Good Morning America’ in New York City in a Tory Burch sleeveless dress paired with an Yves Saint Laurent bag.

Tory Burch ‘Mariel’ Sleeveless Dress

Yves Saint Laurent Chyc Mini Tweed Leather Bag

She has a tendency toward flared skirts, fussy dresses, and rampant “I’m just a girl” looks that were no longer serving her well. That she dresses like her Sex and the City character wasn’t the issue so much as she dresses like her Sex and the City character in 2002. After all, it could be argued that Sarah Jessica Parker has made a habit of continuing to dress like Carrie Bradshaw and even Cynthia Nixon occasionally goes out looking like an updated Miranda Hobbes. But the operative word here is “updated.” SATC costume designer Pat Field was rightly praised for coming up with 4 distinct and memorable looks that defined the characters and flattered the actresses playing them (for the most part; let us never speak of Carrie’s “granny panties and newsboy cap” getup). It’s perfectly understandable that the actresses involved would work some variation on their characters’ looks because it served them well. The problem with Kristin has always been that she never really updated her look or thought about what Charlotte would be wearing now, vs. what she wore a decade ago. Which is kind of odd when you think about it, since there have been two SATC movies since the show went off the air.

At any rate, this doesn’t look like Charlotte from ten years ago, but we could definitely see her wearing something like this today. It’s sleek and simple, in a great color, and it flatters the hell out of her figure (MUCH more so than the dirndl silhouette). We’re not sure Charlotte would ever wear snakeskin wedges, but we kinda love those shoes. The look says “chic and sophisticated Manhattanite” in a sort of updated Jackie O mode, which is absolutely perfect for her. Well done, Lady.


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