Kirsten Dunst in Toluca Lake

Posted on July 19, 2012

So there Tom was a few nights ago, in the throes of a bout of insomnia, lying in bed and watching Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes on his iPad at 3 am. By the way, Pro Tip: NEVER watch movies or TV shows on your iPad while lying on your stomach, because at some point the screen will go to black and you will be treated to the sight of your face, in all its non-gravity-defying glory, squinting back at you. Best to lie on your back and hold it overhead to avoid these moments, kittens.

Anyway, who should scamper across the screen but Kirsten Dunst herself, all of about ten years old (although she looked younger) and strangely, looking exactly the same as she does now, except smaller. It was one of those moments where some sort of unexpected juxtaposition occurs and the brain needs a second to process it. Which means Tom, bleary-eyed to begin with, woke up Lorenzo by blurting out “Holy shit! Kiki’s on the Enterprise!”

True story.


Kirsten Dunst stops at a convenience store in Toluca Lake, California.

This is kind of crazy-cute. Obviously, we’re not going to pretend that cut-offs and a sheer blouse are some sort of new innovation in style, but it looks fresh and just a tiny bit chic on her. We wouldn’t go so far as to say it makes it look more formal, but the clutch helps to dress up the look a little bit.

Can we talk about her hair? Not here so much, because she’s just walking down the street. On the other hand, there’s no difference between her hair here and her hair on a red carpet and that’s the point we want to make. She’s come a long way with her personal style; from the early disastrous days to now, where she’s seen as one of the more stylish actresses in her generation. But her hair always looks limp, flat, and to be honest, in need of a shampoo to us. It’s like she’s learned how to dress, but still hasn’t learned how to get styled. Like we said, nothing wrong with this hair paired with cutoffs, but this hair paired with a Chanel dress or a gown looks wrong to us.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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