Kevin McHale at Teen Choice Awards 2012

Posted on July 23, 2012

Hipster angel Kevin McHale floated down from hipster heaven to model a series of outfits as he hosted the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. Let’s take a look.

Naked & Famous ‘WeirdGuy’ Camo Pants

We really like the pants and we really like the shoes. We just don’t think they should have been paired with each other. The shirt is kind of weird and unflattering.

This is perfect.

This is not. If you absolutely insist on having every button done on your 3-button jacket (something we would have argued against), then you best make sure the jacket fits you. It’s a cute look, ruined by the straining buttons.

Paul Smith ‘Slim Jellyfish’ Print Trousers

Some day, Kevin, you will reach an age where you stop and realize, “Shit. I wore jellyfish pants once. What was I thinking?” If you’re really lucky, then some day you will reach an even more advanced age where you stop and say, “I wore jellyfish pants once! I was AWESOME.” Such is the circle of life. And of jellyfish pants.


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