Jordana Brewster in West Hollywood

Posted on July 18, 2012

If Kristin Davis embodied the chic Manhattanite in her GMA dress, then Jordana is the very picture of the casually chic L.A. girl here. The trend-focused tend to obsess on the WHEN in fashion, but here at T Lo Fashion Assessments, Int’l, we’re all about the WHERE.


Dallas star Jordana Brewster heading to Urth Cafe in West Hollywood carrying a Céline bag.

Low-key, laid back and cute. Everything about this is working for us. Yes, even the flip-flops and the worn-down-to-its-nubs chambray shirt. We’d normally hate that shirt but it really works well with the almost beachy-casual thing she’s got going on here. Besides, the dress, shades and bag all work to dress it up a little. Also, we hesitate to say this because we strenuously avoid body-snarking, but she looks a lot healthier here than she does on Dallas. Keep up the good work, girl. Love your hair.


[Photo Credit: Survivor/]

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