Jessica Biel in Oscar de la Renta

Posted on July 31, 2012

We were planning on getting to this yesterday, right after the Kate Beckinsale post, but we …  didn’t, because we … got a little lazy late in the day. Can you forgive, darlings?

Besides, it’s not like this look is scintillating and y’all were missing out.

Jessica Biel attends the “Total Recall” photocall in Los Angeles in an Oscar de la Renta dress paired with Brian Atwood platform pumps.

Brian Atwood ‘Zenith’ Platform Pump

Jesus, the two of them apparently went with a “Salute to Bland” theme in their dressing. Satin platform pumps are an offense unto God, but at least Beckinsale managed to inject a little color into the outfit.

Biel’s dress is … okay. Not great, but not awful. We don’t really love the proportions on the skirt. But there’s no reason why this dress couldn’t have worked for her. All she needed to do was get her hair styled after she pulled herself out of the pool, choose a lip color that doesn’t pull focus, and strap on a pair of heels that have a little personality to them. It might not have achieved WERQ status, but it would have been a decent look. This is just awkward and half-assed. Also, we’re thinking a thin belt, much like the one Kate’s sporting.

All the pictures available from this photocall were terribly composed, which is why we couldn’t really get a “Pairs Division” post out of it or really devote much time to Colin Farrell’s look, which is fine, but strangely monochromatic.

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