In or Out: Rachel Bilson in Alexander McQueen

Posted on July 31, 2012

Here’s a sentence we never thought we’d type: We have to give Rachel Bilson all the credit in the world. Why? Allow us to type another sentence that shocks the hell out of us: She’s really working the shit out of those peplum’d pants.

No, really.

Rachel Bilson attends 2012 TCA Summer Tour – CBS, Showtime and The CW Party in a blouse by By Malene Birger paired with Alexander McQueen pants and Shoemint pumps.

Alexander McQueen Peplum Viscose Leaf Crepe Trousers. By Malene Birger ‘Laurensa’ Necktie Crepe Blouse. Shoemint ‘Kathryn’ Pump.

Our first thoughts upon viewing this outfit were not particularly complimentary. After all: a pussy bow, peplum’d pants and beige shoes? Darlings, it’s our celebrity nightmare outfit come to life.

And yet, it’s all really working for us, for some reason. We’re always inclined to give a lady on the RC in pants a second look, just because we’re all about discouraging the idea that women must always wear skirts when they are presenting themselves to the world. Ladypants can be chic as hell when they’re deployed correctly.

Now, we’ll grant you that this is all a little drab from the color perspective, but there’s nothing wrong with a two-tone look and there’s nothing inherently wrong with a neutral paired with black. Our issue with neutrals on the RC revolve around the idea that it’s a safe choice made by far too many starlets because they’re afraid of being criticized. And sure, the shoes are pretty matchy to the top, but we honestly don’t think the oft-mentioned “pop of color” down below would be an improvement. This is clean and chic the way it is, and the pussy bow and peplum are more than enough for one outfit to bear. You start adding glitter and color to this look, and it falls apart. We kinda dig the hair, but our one and only real quibble is her lip color, which looks too pink to our eyes


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Poor Cat Deeley has been waiting breathlessly for an entire week to hear what the T Lo Minions think of her outfit. Rest easy, Cat. Those little bitches voted you IN.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos,,,]

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