In or Out: Hannah Simone in Bibhu Mohapatra

Posted on July 25, 2012

Hannah Simone, please step into the judging circle. We have determined that your outfit is worthy of discussion. Attagirl.


Hannah Simone attends the Fox Summer All Star Party in a Bibhu Mohapatra dress.

Bibhu Mohapatra Resort 2013 Collection/Model: Quirine Engel

Let’s face it: if you were at a party and someone was dressed like this, she would forevermore be referred to as “that girl at that party we went to who came dressed like a big triangle.”

We almost love this. Certainly, we can applaud it for its attention-getting qualities. That’s a dress that turns heads, no doubt about it. But something here wasn’t quite working for us; something about the shape. It’s that skirt, of course. That odd pleat in the center that causes the bottom of the skirt to flare out. It’s just one element too many. You’ve got the winged shoulders, the print, the black panels at the sides, the center zipper, and then finally that weirdly bifurcated skirt.

Now honestly, can you get such vocabulary goodness as “bifurcated” at your average fashion blog? We don’t think so. Big words; just one of the many ways we pass the quality and savings onto YOU.

Anyway, our point is, it’s quite the little frock, but it’s got too damn many elements to it for us to fall in love with it. Hair and makeup are cute, though.

You are, as always free to disagree. Be warned that we will then turn our judging powers on you.


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IN! It’s all about turning heads, amirite?


OUT! It’s like a Judy Jetson panic attack.


The kittens were mostly in agreement that Cat Deeley’s “Summer Lovin'” dress was just what the doctor ordered after weeks of Christmas dress parading in front of their eyes, voting it IN.

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