In or Out: Freida Pinto in Contrarian

Posted on July 18, 2012

Darlings, Freida Pinto would like to wish you all the very happiest of holidays and a prosperous and blessed New Year.


Freida Pinto hosts Flaunt Magazine and Agave Denim ‘All Wrapped Up In Blue’ dinner reception celebrating The Denim Issue in Los Angeles in a Contrarian dress.

We’ll start off with this: it’s a pretty cute dress. It’s not without its issues, however. The white clerical collar PLUS the white bow directly underneath it is way too fussy and distracting. Too much going on near the face – and that’s never good for pictures. And the skirt’s awfully stiff and shiny.

But the real issue here, as if you couldn’t tell from that opening line, is that it’s so ridiculously off-season. Maybe we’re being a bit too reductive in our thinking, but we can’t look at a satin-y red skirt without thinking of the winter holidays – or winter style in general, for that matter. It’s not that she can’t wear red during the summer, but at least pick a dress that looks like summer, y’know? Hair and makeup are as pretty as they usually are and the Minnie Mouse pumps, while tired, do actually go with the dress. It’s just that she looks like she’s posing for her Christmas card. And if you’re there to “celebrate” the “Denim Issue” of a magazine, wouldn’t it make sense to wear some chic little denim getup? Granted, we’re hard-pressed to define exactly what a “chic little denim getup” is, but still.

And man, do we ever hate that collar the more we look at it.



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IN! Don’t be so narrow-minded, bitches. This is FINE for July.


OUT! Girl, I don’t want to be mean, but your Christmas tree is kind of ugly.


In other bitchy news, Anne Hathaway’s twisted goddess gown got a well-deserved OUT from the PUFs.


[Photo by Rachel Murray/WireImage]

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