In or Out: Dianna Agron in Louis Vuitton

Posted on July 12, 2012

We are once again holding the style fate of a starlet in our hands and we want to treat it gently, like a baby chick. You see, we’ve long held that Dianna here plays it way too safe and that she’s suffering from a misconception that, in order to look classy and not slutty, one must wear very boring or simple outfits, like a slightly stylish Amish girl. To hell with that, says us. You can be stylish and still maintain that virginal quality you prize, girl. You just need to learn to be a little adventurous with things like print and color. At least, that’s what we always said. Now we’re not so sure.


Dianna Agron attends the Louis Vuitton Celebrates the Yayoi Kusama Art Exhibit Opening at the Whitney Museum in New York City in a Louis Vuitton dress.

Let’s be blunt (as if that was something new for us): this just isn’t working. We’re all for adventurous pattern and color, but it’s the shape of this thing that wounds us so; as in: she doesn’t have a shape in this thing. We might like the print (although the colors aren’t really speaking to us), but she has trivets welded to her chest and darlings? That’s not a good look for anyone.

But Di! PLEASE keep trying! Do you see how kind we were here? We didn’t make fun of you at all!

We’ll leave that to our readers, of course.

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IN! It’s interesting and head-turning and colorful you BITCHES!


OUT! A shiny, wrinkled, colorful SACK.

Anne Hathaway’s attention-grabber of a dress rated an IN from the Bitter Kittens.


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