Harper’s Bazaar – The Look

Posted on July 19, 2012

It’s time for us to be bluntly honest. Not that we’re suggesting that we haven’t spent the last 6 years being bluntly honest; heavens, no. What we mean is, it’s time for us to be bluntly honest today.

You know how, some days, you just can’t get the engine started? And yet you have to work because you’ve gotten used to having food and electricity in your life? So you kind of coast through the day, hoping that you’ll hit a decline and the increase in speed will cause the engine to kick in? That’s us today. Maybe it’s a cumulative effect of the heat or maybe we’re just looking forward to opening the T LOunge this afternoon and kicking back. Whatever the cause, it’s been slow going ’round these parts from the minute our feet hit the floor this morning.

So we’re gonna do something we rarely ever do: link to videos while we try to catch up. Fortunately for you, it’s not videos of cats doing silly things. Not that we aren’t enraptured by videos of cats doing silly things; just that the posting of such is usually an indicator that the blogger well is dry that day.

No, we’re going to post the first two videos from Harper’s Bazaar’s new web series, The Look, with Laura Brown. It’s fun and chatty, beautifully shot and glamorously presented. Better yet, it’s charming and occasionally hilarious, as Laura has Kim Kardashian apply her makeup or goes vintage clothes shopping with Christina Hendricks.

But really, we’re posting these to keep you amused while we get caught up and also because Laura took us out and paid for our breakfast last week and we’re all about payback here at T Lo International Sycophants, Ltd. Hey, blunt honesty; remember?

No, really. She’s fun and this series is fun. You might not love the dose of Kardashian (although the makeup tutorial is pretty funny; at least the results are), but you’ve gotta love Christina Hendricks trying on adorable vintage hats and talking about Joan’s serving trays and toothpicks. And we’re pretty sure we slammed her for wearing that capelet on the RC once.



And of course, the irony here is, we wanted to slap these two videos up to give us some time to get caught up on, say, our Dallas recap, and wound up writing 400 words on the topic anyway. We never claimed to be efficiency experts, darlings.

[Video and Stills: http://www.youtube.com/show/thelook]

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