Fan Bingbing in Louis Vuitton (x2)

Posted on July 20, 2012

Darlings, let’s take a momentary break from the world of reality TV fashion and the sad frocks that come with it to look at some real Goddamned fashion and the lady who knows how to WERQ the shit out of it.

Miss Bingbing? You have the floor.


Fan Bingbing attends the Louis Vuitton New Flagship Store opening in Shanghai, China.

It takes a PhD-level fashionista to even come close to making a difficult dress like this work. Poise and presence are going a long way here, but the hugely incongruous bag is working against her and while we like the hair and makeup, we don’t think they quite go with this dress. Also: terrible shoes. Still, if anyone can make this work, it’s her – and she’s coming damn close. Even with all the mistakes in the styling. Like we said: PhD.


Fan Bingbing attends the Louis Vuitton Fashion Night in Shanghai, China.

Now this is just plain fun. She looks like she should be smoking a cigarette on a billboard in Blade Runner.  And bitches? We can think of no higher compliment than that. Brava, sweetie. You WERQ that retro-futurism, girl. SNAPS.


[Photo Credit: ChinaFotoPress]

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