Dianna Agron in Los Angeles

Posted on July 11, 2012

Hey, Miss Lady Di! Listen, you just go right on ahead and shop for your organic corn or whatever. We’re gonna stand over here and do the blow-by-blow on your outfit.


Dianna Agron makes a trip to Whole Foods in Los Angeles wearing an American Apparel multi-stripe tee and a Anthropologie skirt paired with Tory Burch vintage square sunglasses and clutch by Coach.

American Apparel Multi-stripe Tee

Anthropologie Sky Wisped Skirt

Tory Burch Vintage Square Sunglasses with Logo

La la la, just shopping for my imported artichokes in a perfectly paired top and skirt and sashaying past the olive bar in my chunky heels; don’t mind little old me.

It’s a cute look, even if it does look somewhat unlikely for a grocery shopping trip. Kudos to whoever made the decision to pair that top with that skirt. It takes some confidence to mix two such items and she’s really making it work. We totally dig two well-paired prints.

The shoes are kinda meh, we have to say. A little heavy-looking for such a light outfit. Still, it’s all super-cute, if a little unlikely for such tasks as measuring out a week’s worth of granola or loading up on all-natural toilet bowl cleaners. Raising the bar there, Di. Now everyone’s going to feel the need to throw on a cocktail dress every time they’re low on pads and need to make a lady-run.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, anthropologie.com, americanapparel.net, toryburch.com]

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