Comic-Con 2012 Red Carpet – The Ladies, Part 2

Posted on July 16, 2012

Ladies! Come on down! You’re the next contestants on The Dress is Wrong!

Danai Gurira

Shutting it the hell down. Like we said before, the Breaking Bad event was unusually dressy. Besides, this has a “ready to party” vibe that takes it away from seeming formal or stuffy. Plus she’s hot as shit.

Emilia Clarke

Tragic pants.

Emily Rios

Cute and just casual enough.

Jenna Ushkowitz in James Perse & Milly

She always wears the wrong silhouettes and proportions. Girl needs a gay.

Laurie Holden

It’s colorful enough, but the length makes it look like a bathing suit coverup.

Michelle Rodriguez


Naya Rivera in Razan Alazzouni and H&M

It’s cute, sassy and colorful, but it’s still a bit too business-like and dressed up. She looks great, though.

Nikki Reed in Cameo and Finders Keepers

Yuck. Those shorts are AWFUL. The whole thing looks like pajamas.

Rachel Boston

Pretty, if a bit too gowny.

Sarah Wayne Callies in Bill Blass

Pencil skirts at Comic-Con. We just can’t, for some reason. Skirts, yes. Pencil skirts, no. It feels wrong. Besides, this dress is tacky. Loosen up, stars.

Sianoa Smit-McPhee

Cute enough, but tights and boots in July? Then again, if the cosplayers can do it …

Vanessa Williams

Hate the shoes, but she makes the rest of it look casually chic.

Yvette Nicole Brown

A really cute top paired with a skirt and shoes that makes it look totally “office.” Pair that with some jeans and this would be perfect.

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