Comic-Con 2012 Red Carpet – The Ladies, Part 1

Posted on July 16, 2012

Let’s get this party started, right? We’ve been dancing around the margins of it, but Comic-Con exploded over the weekend, with enough stars to justify Oscar-level coverage. No, really. We’ve got a ton of poorly thought-out celebrity looks to get to, so we’re gonna have to do it the patented T Lo Quick n’ Bitchy style.

T Lo’s Quick n’ Bitchy Pancake Mix will be hitting supermarket shelves Fourth Quarter 2012. Look for it! We couldn’t get a fragrance deal.

Also, remember: The rules here – if it can even be said that there are any rules – hold that you shouldn’t try too hard or look too polished for this crowd.


Alison Brie

Very cute, but a bit too business-like. She could have mitigated that by not choosing pointy-toed pumps. A wedge or something like that could have brought this down a little. Great color on her, though.


Anna Kendrick

That’s about right. A bit colorless, though.


Betsy Brandt

Enh. Everyone at the Breaking Bad event was fairly dressed up, so we can’t really single her out, but still. This is kind of bland.


Danai Gurira

There’s a girl who knows how to dress for this scene. She looks cute.


Jaime King

She looks a little crazy, which, oddly enough, is also quite appropriate for Comic-Con.


Jessica Biel in Mugler and Joe’s Jeans

Too dressed up.


Karen Gillan in 3.1 Phillip Lim

Oh, Amelia Pond, BLESS YOU. Why are we not surprised that you showed up in the perfect nerdy-girl chic getup? Adorable.


Kate Beckinsale in Rag & Bone

She has a long history of giving fanboys wood. The lady knows what she’s doing here.


Kerry Washington in J. Mendel

That skirt is gorgeous – and too showy for Comic-Con. Also, the top really doesn’t go with it.


Lauren Cohan

As we said, the Breaking Bad event was unusually dressy, but this strikes a perfect balance. A little bland. though. Hate the shoes.


Lea Michelle in  Stella & Jamie 

She looks like a very eager job applicant.



Milla Jovovich

Just last week we said she can back and forth from “stoner mom” to “fierce as shit.” Guess which one she chose today? She’s Con-ready, but we can’t say this is all that cute. She looks a little frumpy, to be honest.


Nina Dobrev in Katharine Kidd

She looks comfortable and dressed appropriately for the sometimes sweaty climate inside the convention center. That she is also likely to whip the fanboys into a frenzy makes a nice bonus.


Rachael Taylor in Jenni Kayne and Suno

Star Trek shirt, pajama bottoms, and Aladdin shoes. Honey, the nerds just might crown you their queen.


Rebecca Romijn

“HAHA! It’s hot and so am I, fanboys! I don’t need to dress up! Suck it!”


Summer Glau

Perhaps a bit on the showy side, but she looks pretty.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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