Comic-Con 2012 Red Carpet – The Boys, Part 2

Posted on July 16, 2012

Dance for the nerds, boys! Dance!


Andrew Lincoln

We realize we’ve been crying out to our Con-attending stars for some authenticity in their Con getups, but perhaps a bit more effort next time, Andrew. He looks like he’s been on the dealer’s floor selling t-shirts and action figures to a small city of rabid fanboys and fangirls for the last 3 days running.


Colin Farrell



Cory Monteith

We’re digging the effort he’s been putting into his appearance lately, although we can’t imagine wearing a sweater to a comic convention in July.


Henry Cavill



Ian McKellen

 You wear your big pink smock, Sir Ian, you fabulous nelly queen.  RESPECT.


Ian Somerhalder

Cool jacket, bro.


Jamie Foxx

 That is a whole lotta denim.


Joel McHale



Matt Smith

Big nerd. The Doctor walks the walk. Once again: RESPECT.


Paul Wesley

Blandly cute.


Steven Yeun

Serving up Rebel Without a Cause realness. But since it looks like he’s already worn those shoes sans socks with another outfit, it’s time to say it: STANK FOOT.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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