Christina Hendricks in LA

Posted on July 27, 2012

Oh, CHRISTINA! We totally gay-gasped!

Christina Hendricks goes shopping in Los Angeles.

Did girlfriend get herself a stylist? Or did she finally turn to one of her sassy gay friends and say, “Okay, seriously. Tell me what I’m doing wrong?” Because this is the most flattering thing we think we’ve ever seen her wear outside of her Mad Men costumes. Can it be? Is it possible that Christina Hendricks has finally figured out how to dress her figure? Or is this some sort of outlier and she’ll be back to pleated pants and baby heads the next time we see her?

But let’s not worry about the future, darlings. The point is, this silhouette is now HER silhouette. If she doesn’t go out and buy a dozen outfits with this shape, she’s a fool. The color looks great on her, but it’s not exactly a July color. Still, that’s a minor complaint. Everything here is working like gangbusters – even the shoes, and CH has quite the bad shoe history.

We don’t know what prompted this change but darling? It is T LO-APRROVED. Snaps up. Love your shades, girl.



[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews]

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