Cathy Cambridge’s Empty Closet

Posted on July 05, 2012

With American celebrities mostly off celebrating their independence this week, we’re forced to turn to our former rulers for fashion entertainment.


Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge arrives at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh for the installation of Prince William Duke of Cambridge as a Knight of the Thistle. Catherine wore a pale yellow coat dress by Emilia Wickstead. Hat by Whiteley. Scarf by Strathearn. Earrings by Kiki McDonough. Shoes by Emmy Scarterfield.

A Knight of the Thistle! How Tolkien does THAT sound? Does he have to go off and rescue Princess Pinecone from the evil forest elves now? Oh, Brits. You’re such adorable little woodland creatures to us. And yes, we’re being totally disrespectful, but not as much as we were 236 years ago this week, right?

This is all very typically Cathy in shape and style, but it strikes us atypically Cathy in the color sense. Not that this soft yellow isn’t in her wheelhouse; just that it’s rare to see her wear an outfit where none of the pieces really match. Maybe that explains why the matching here is so lackluster. We don’t mind the black shoes so much, although they look heavy for this time of year and a lighter shade would’ve worked better with the dress. But that taupe hat is a really odd choice for her. Whatever she’s carrying in her hands doesn’t look like a purse, but whatever it is, at least it goes with the dress. This outfit looks like she got up this morning and realized it was wash day and she didn’t have one clean thing to wear.  Mrs. Cathy, you’re going to have to plan things better than that. A princess never faces an official function in her last clean pair of knickers.


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