Cathy Cambridge Goes to the Olympics

Posted on July 30, 2012

So we hear there was some sort of thing over in London this weekend. Mrs. Cathy got all dolled up for the occasion.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attends the Olympic Games 2012 Opening Ceremony in London, England in a Christopher Kane coat dress.

And boy, does she look HOT. Except we mean that in the literal sense.

Look, don’t come back to us with London weather reports for the week. Even if there was a late-July chill in the air, a coat dress is an incredibly odd choice for high summer. She looks so covered up as to look a little religious-cult-y. It doesn’t help that this look is plain bordering on austere (if you can use that word when someone’s weighed down with diamonds). She’s had to attend a lot of important occasions over the last couple of years and while we wouldn’t place this event up to the level of her own wedding or even (possibly) the Queen’s celebration earlier this summer, the Olympics are a big deal to the U.K. right now. This is a moment of supreme national pride. You couldn’t show up looking like you understand that, Cathy? For Christ’s sake, Gramma Betty jumped out of a plane in a fetching little peach number!

It’s possible that we’re just experiencing some Monday morning crankiness, but this is so dull it may just be one of our least favorite Cathy outfits.

Also: To those several kittens who contacted us and said “You should do a post on the Olympics Opening Ceremony, T Lo!” May we direct you to our twitter, darlings? Because we live-tweeted the All-Dancin’ Salute to Breakdancing Industrialists, Sick Children and Sexting for 4 hours the other night and our thumbs still haven’t recovered.

[Photo Credit: John Stillwell, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images,]

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