Atelier Versace Fall 2012 Front Row

Posted on July 02, 2012

Celebrities attend the Atelier Versace Fall 2012 show at the Ritz hotel in Paris. Since we’re jealous that we weren’t there, let’s rip their outfits to shreds.

With love, of course.


Christina Hendricks in Atelier Versace Spring 2012

Good Christ.

Look, we’re just going to say it. Christina Hendricks is not fat. She’s voluptuous, and several sizes larger than the average female star, but she’s not fat. She just dresses like she is. The lines and proportion on this getup are so badly thought out that she actually looks like she ballooned up by two or three sizes overnight. This is AWFUL. It makes her chest, her midsection, and her hips all look larger than they actually are.


Milla Jovovich in Versace Fall 2012

Y’know what we kind of love about Milla? When she’s not working (or WERQing), she dresses pretty plain; half stoner, half mom. But when it comes time to stand in front of cameras, she’s all, “I’ll just put this dress and shoes on and hit my mark, okay?” And she does it. Every time. She can go from zero to fierce with practically no effort at all. The lady’s a pro.

And yes, this is damn fierce. Crazy, but fierce. She’s making it work.


Jessica Alba in Versace Fall 2012

Shutting it down.


Elizabeth Banks in Versace Fall 2012

 KILLING IT. Seriously, girl. Even with the matchy shoes.


Fan Bingbing in Versace Fall 2012


Damn. Poor Christina Hendricks. The ladies are all bringing their A game.

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele (both in Versace)

His pants need serious hemming but this is a personal best for him and it’s damn near a personal best for her. Lea, you look so much more fabulous when you don’t default to the T&A.

Speaking of which, while this look is gorgeous, your Ts sure do look squished.


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