Atelier Versace Fall 2012 Couture Collection

Posted on July 03, 2012


Taking inspiration from the Tarot, and fooling around with the concepts of deconstruction and reconstruction, Atelier Versace offered up a collection far more elegant and less out-there than last season’s. “Elegant” isn’t usually a word that springs to mind with the Versace brand, which tends to trade more in “fierce” and “LOOK AT ME RIGHT NOW” kinds of looks. And sure, wallflowers still need not apply, but the overall tone is less “fashion warrior” and more just plain old fashion-pretty. In other words, there’s a little flowy to go along with the expected showy and it works quite well. Last season’s collection had us predicting that very few of the looks would make it to the red carpet because they were fairly difficult to pull off; a prediction that taught us not to make such predictions because of course half the collection made red carpet appearances within the month. This time, we don’t think we’re going out on a limb when we say that these looks are all going to be seen on the backs of starlets in the coming months. The looks are practically tailor-made for the red carpet.




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