Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff

Posted on June 22, 2012

Cute boys in love.


Zachary Quinto and boyfriend, Glee star Jonathan Groff get in some quality time in NYC.


Look, we don’t expect famous people to look like a million bucks every waking hour of the day, and it’s been hot as hell in NY this week, so a t-shirt and cutoffs are perfectly fine, but MISS QUINTO. Seriously? Didn’t the ironic camo trucker hats go away about six years ago? And flip-flops in NY? Honey, the sidewalks are veritable TOILETS in the summertime! Just the occasional blasts from the subway grates are enough to make us run for toe cover. No, no, no. We know you favor the hipstergay styles in your day-to-day life, but this is too much. And gross. We wouldn’t want to be the tech at Bloomie Nails who gets you for a client the next time you need a pedi.

Jonathan looks okay (nippletastic), but all we can think is how awful it is to wear a pair of heavy jeans on a hot day, with the pockets loaded up with about 5 pounds of shit. That’s the WORST. Bad enough a man has to haul his junk around when it’s hot; you start loading your pants with iPhones and cigarettes and it gets unbearable.

It’s oddly comforting that even Mr. Spock finds his t-shirts stretching out to maternity proportions after a while.


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