Stacy Keibler in Jay Godfrey

Posted on June 29, 2012

Emmas, we don’t know if you noticed, but we’re a couple of homosexuals. And as such, we are not predisposed to loving the super-sexy, tight little minidress because we’re so obviously not the audience for it.

But we’ve got to say, if we were somewhere and a lady strolled in looking like this, we, like virtually every other male in the room, wouldn’t be able to take our eyes off her.

Stacy Keibler attends a preview of Wii U hosted by Nintendo in NYC in a Jay Godfrey ‘Bruno’ dress in emerald silk jersey.

Jay Godfrey Spring 2012 Collection

That is one long, tall, TAN drink of water going on right there. Is this stylish and chic? No, of course not. Does she look SLAMMIN’? You bet your ass – and let’s face it, that’s not easy to pull off when you’re forced to pose with toys. The heady days of appearing on Clooney’s arm at the Oscars may be behind her, but she can still work a look, no matter where she is.


As homosexuals, we have a few things to say. The clutch and shoes are really awful choices to go with this color. The earrings are pretty, but again, don’t really punctuate the dress. She seems to have decided that because the dress is vivdly colored, grey was the only way to go on the accessories. Pshaw to that. It’s summer, honey, and right now you are the very definition of a California blonde. Brightly colored accessories would have been fine, if not preferred. And the hair looks a bit flat and kind of matronly. Our drama-seeking homosexual selves would have told her to go with a big Bardot-esque blowout, but we realize most ladies probably wouldn’t want the hassle. At the very least, something with a little more body and zhuzh to it would have helped.

And honey, we say this with love and concern: skin cancer. Also: wrinkles. Latch on to whichever one you fear the most and use that to remind yourself why you shouldn’t over-tan. You look sexy as hell, put the piper is going to come for payment sooner than you think.


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