Sigerson Morrison Resort 2013 Shoes

Posted on June 27, 2012

Ladies, remember when ladyshoes were elegant? Remember when it wasn’t considered attractive to wear shoes that make your feet look like hooves? Or wildly out of proportion to your body, like Minnie Mouse? Or so ridiculously complicated that one fears one needs an engineering degree just to properly secure the shoe to one’s foot?

This is why we’re totally digging this collection. It looks chic and modern, but also classic and elegant in a very old-school way. Come on now, young ladies. Don’t you sometimes get exhausted lifting ten pounds of shoe every time you take a step?

And just for the hell of it, let’s play pretend-stylist with the following selection. We can’t look at shoes without doing this anymore. Remember: just shout out the first celeb name that comes to mind when you see a shoe:

Cool Corista Pump

Lea Michele

Cam Sandal

Viola Davis

Metallic Corista Pump

Elizabeth Banks


Blue Brielle2 Pointed Pump

Emma Stone

Madisona Pointed Pump

Michelle Obama

Paisley Patent Loafer Pump

Jessica Chastain

Blue Jacker Pump

Chloe Moretz

Metallic Jacker Pump

Selena Gomez

Nude Madisona Pump

Freida Pinto

Warm Corista Pump

Solange Knowles

Monte Slingback Pump


Christina Hendricks



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