Project Runway MELTDOWN!

Posted on June 25, 2012

Oh, Jesus. Brace yourselves, PR fans. It looks like we’re going to be treated to a total psych ward of a season.


The New York Post has the details:

“A Psychologist was brought in after one contestant had a meltdown and another dramatically quit Heidi Klum’s Lifetime show “Project Runway” on Friday. Sources tell us one contestant, a male designer, “had an episode as the show filmed at Parsons School for Design. A psychologist was brought in to talk to him, but he seemed too nervous and it was decided he should leave the show.”

Just hours earlier a female designer and contestant disappeared from the set. The source told us, “She just ran off in the middle of the night. The next morning she wasn’t in her bed, her suitcase was gone. Producers went to her home, and her doorman said she was upstairs but didn’t want to see anyone.” The source said she disappeared from the Atlas building in Midtown West, the show’s official accommodations for designers. We’re told the woman was “paranoid” after being placed with the bottom contestants following the last challenge.

The source continued, “We lost two designers in one day. This has never happened. They seem to be under a lot more pressure.” As a result, show judge Michael Kors was brought in Friday to speak to the remaining contestants, “calm them down and give them a pep talk.” One added, “The show is in its 10th season and has been filming for a week, and there is a lot more tension and pressure on the designers.” A rep for Lifetime didn’t get back to us.”

Oh please. A rep for Lifetime clued you in on the whole thing.  Come now, NY Post. Let’s not pretend like everyone involved isn’t LOVING the publicity right now. Of course, this could all be true and there might actually be some people in the cast who, for whatever reasons, should not be subjected to the rigors of a reality TV competition. If that’s true, you can look at it one of two ways:

  1. There are no more talented, non-drama-queen people left to cast in the show, which means it’s going to be all headcases from here on out, or
  2. There have always been headcases on PR. Why should this season be any different?

So, kittens. Does this info intrigue you, entice you, or make you roll your eyes? We have to admit, there’s something HILARIOUS about Michael Kors being the calmest, most rational person in the room. We bet they asked Nina first and she just flipped her hair and said “Oh, please.”

And who among the announced contestants do you suppose they’re talking about?


[Photo Credit: Andrew Walker/Getty Images for A&E]

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