Pairs Division: Olsen Twins in The Row

Posted on June 05, 2012

After winning the Womenswear Designer of the Year award at the CFDAs last night (no, really), Dark Olsen and Light Olsen share a moment of jubilant triumph:

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen attend the 2012 CFDA Fashion Awards in The Row. 

Or not. It’s hard to tell.

Mary-Kate wore top, skirt and bag from The Row Resort 2013 collection accessorized with Louis Vuitton shoes and Sidney Garber jewelry.

Ashley wore dress and bag from The Row Resort 2013 collection paired with Manolo Blahnik shoes and Sidney Garber jewelry.

DARK OLSEN: Is dark. Everything looks too heavy on her and at least a size too large on her. The slightly smokey, slightly winged eye she’s been sporting lately does not suit her at all. She always looks like her makeup is smudged and/or like she just woke up. Both her bag and her earrings are too large for this look. Basically, Dark Olsen wants to look teeny-tiny, so she wears and sports things that are too big for her. The hair is pure fashion editor drag. It’s a terrible look. Score: 3/10.

LIGHT OLSEN: Is clearly the more conventional of the two, but that’s not saying much. Her makeup’s prettier than her sister’s, but she’s sporting granny hair. Also, that’s a sleeveless tent. And one cuff would have been enough. She’s a little better than her sister, but like her, she dresses as if she were much older and much bigger than she actually is. Score: 5/10.

Combined Score: 4/10. Just another in a long line of reasons why we’re never going to be invited to the CFDAs.

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