Pairs Division: Jackson and Kruger

Posted on June 21, 2012

We’re wondering if this was a case of “Fine, Josh. I’ll go. But only because you came to Cannes.” Sure looks like it from the clothing choices.


Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger attends the 2012 NHL Awards at the Encore Theater in Las Vegas.

Alessandra Rich Spring 2012 Collection

HE: Looks kind of adorably unkempt. We realize we just called Andrew Garfield a fool the other day for not shaving, but he was wearing Balenciaga, at the premiere of his first big budget starring-role movie, and not really the kind of guy who can work a couple days’ growth. Josh, on the other hand, is appealing precisely because he can work that little-boy-who’s-trying-his-best look like no one’s business; an endearing combination of aging genial fratboy and muppet.  And besides, this is the NHL Awards; not a big budget premiere. Having said that, the jacket looks a little small on him and the pants a little long. Also, he’s too blue. Score: 6/10.

SHE: Has LOST it. This looks like something Carrie Bradshaw would wear while cheating on Aidan. And coming from these two queens, that’s about the most damning thing we could say about any outfit. Girl, invest in a mirror – and a boyfriend with the stones to say, “Honey…really?” every now and then. We’re more convinced than ever this was a little bit of fashion passive-aggression. “The NHL Awards!? Fine! I’m dressing like an asshat, then!”  Score: 3/10.

Combined Score: 4.5/10. Quick, check the skies for Armageddon. Josh Jackson just did the heavy lifting and Diane Kruger fell down on the job. We are consumed with despair and confusion.


[Photo Credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images,]

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