Magic Mike Premiere Red Carpet

Posted on June 25, 2012

That’s right, kittens. The movie event of the decade (for gay men and lusty straight women) has finally ARRIVED. Hit it, boys (except for Channing, who will receive our love attention later today, so don’t start shrieking “YOU FORGOT CHANNING!!!!!” fangurls)!

No, really. Hit it.


Adam Rodriguez

The suit’s a bit shiny, the jacket’s a bit snug, and we hate how the tie provides no contrast at all, but aside from the nitpicks, he looks pretty damn good.


Alex Pettyfer

Standard. A little sloppy. Could’ve used an undershirt and about an inch off the pants hem.


Joe Manganiello

Is he wearing blue shoes? Because that’s kind of awesome, even if he did match them to his tie. This suit is also a little on the shiny side, but everything here is giving us life.


Matt Bomer


Our only complaint about the way he dresses is that it sometimes looks a bit too business-like.


Matthew McConaughey (w/ Camila McConaughey in Emilio Pucci)

He looks fine – she does too – but a tux for a standard movie premiere is a bit on the grandiose side of things.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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