Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor

Posted on June 05, 2012

Oh, what the hell. Half the internet is talking about it, so we might as well weigh in. The first publicity photo for Lifetime’s “Liz and Dick” movie, staring Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton, has been released. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Lindsay Lohan and Grant Bowler

Impressive, right? Especially when compared to the original:

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

But we have to confess, we don’t actually find it all that impressive. It’s a very staged and art-directed shot designed to mimic a specific photo as much as possible. Take Lindsay out of such finely tuned surroundings and the resemblance to Liz weakens considerably:

And when we say “weakens,” we mean “evaporates.” Seriously, could you honestly tell, if no one told you, that she’s playing Liz in these pictures?


[Photo Credit: Karl Larsen, Splash, Paramount]

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