In or Out: Paula Patton in Clover Canyon

Posted on June 08, 2012

Paula Patton looks like an Aztec princess who hit the clubs, looking for a warm body for the night.

Actually, that sounds kind of fabulous.

Paula Patton attends Sundance Institute Benefit in a Clover Canyon dress paired with Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

Clover Canyon Fall 2012 Collection

We picked this for the ol’ “IN or OUT” treatment because it’s been a little gown-y and lady-like around these parts lately and sometimes, a gal just needs to put on something as tight as possible and walk it around the block to see if anything sticks to it.

We’ll say right off the bat that we love the dress a lot more with the sleeves. We don’t think the cap-sleeved version is necessarily bad, but the long sleeve version looks more proportionally correct to us. And the more we look at this dress the more we think it’s gotta be damn tough to pull off in pictures. Credit where it’s due on that one. But we also think she should have worn her hair off her shoulders somehow. What’s the point in wearing a dress like this and then covering it up with a ton of hair? The neckline’s the most interesting part and you can barely see it. The jewelry’s well chosen, we have to say. Those bangles are very pretty and they suit the look. The shoes we can take or leave. We don’t love the color but we can understand why something neutral was deployed here. To be honest, we think a gold metallic sandal could’ve really bumped this look up.

There, she has now been fully T Lo-Assessed. We’re thinking of having a stamp made.

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IN! Fun, sexy, and colorful! What more do you bitches want?


OUT! Who knew ’70s wallpaper could look slutty?


Ashley Greene’s Beigestravaganza was voted a tepid IN.


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