In or Out: Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Valentino

Posted on June 21, 2012

Stylists and starlets, please line up for a tutorial, entitled “How to Wear Neutrals Without Looking Like a Ghost or a Serial Killer Who Made a Dress Out of Skin.”

We’re working on that title. Anyway, Mary Elizabeth, could you please step forward?

Mary Elizabeth Winstead attends premiere of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” in New York City in a Valentino dress paired with Brian Atwood pumps.

Now, we’ll grant you that a slight hint of color would have been welcome practically anywhere in this look, but especially in the shoes. But that’s almost beside the point because this is such a masterful choice of neutral for her that she looks too nice for us to criticize. The reason this works is because she’s not wearing a shade that matches or clashes with her skin tone. Instead, she’s wearing something slightly browner and ever-so-slightly darker than it. But what really sells this dress is the textural element. It’s beautifully rendered; one of those articles of clothing that you might have to resist touching when you see someone wearing it.

We think she looks gorgeous and damn close to perfect here. We’re willing to entertain rebuttals. And when we say “entertain,” we mean “laugh at them.” It’s true that she’s a bit too brown overall, but you can’t deny she’s polished as hell. The only real issue we have is that this all looks a little heavy for June (which seems to be quite an issue lately with R.C. appearances).


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In other neutral dress news, Lucy Liu’s bedsheet was voted OUT but Keira Knightley’s fashion fairy getup got an IN.

[Photo Credit: Charles Norfleet/PR Photos, Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

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